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We have the experience to streamline your planning and to maximize your time on location. For over 25 years SYMG has been offering field production services for a variety of Film and Media projects including television shows, documentaries, commercials, and product catalogue photography. But don’t just take our word for it: check out the sampling below of some of our favorite projects.

"My crew and I have traveled all over the world filming outdoor adventures and we have used dozens of outfitters. I can honestly say Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides stands out as the best. Your consistency for impeccable logistics, friendly service, and quality, unique adventures is unflappable and you truly make it look easy."-Greg Aiello, Host of Disney's Motion TV

Royal Robbins

Quote from David Karstad, Frank Creative/Royal Robbins

Motion TV : Disney/Live Well Network

The crew at Motion TV has filmed 8 television episides with SYMG where we provided production assistance, location scouting, risk-management oversight, and talent. We've produced shows in California & Alaska as well as in international destinations.

View all 8 of the episodes SYMG produced at our Motion TV Episodes Page.

Columbia Sportswear

Over five years SYMG worked closely with Columbia Sportswear on a variety of media projects ranging from catalog photography to video production. In addition to logistical support and location scouting, our guides acted as talent and played a key role in adding authenticity to the Columbia Brand.

Watch the Columbia video campaign Meet the Experts here.

From the Edge: Weather Channel/Peacock Productions

Working with renowned photographer Peter Lik, SYMG provided location scouting and logistical support for Peter's television show "On the Edge". As a professional photographer, it was imperative to Peter that we had outstanding locations secured to show off his skills as a landscape photographer. Working with the park service, we were able to obtain the necessary permitting to meet Peter's needs and then provided logistical support and talent during the filming days.