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Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides

    Our professional mountain guides are here to facilitate a seamless and memorable trip for you in Yosemite and the High Sierra. All guides are trained in wilderness medicine at the professional level and are experienced backcountry folks. Each guide has his/her own specialties, often associated with advanced coursework or certifications. Our guides are well versed in the natural and cultural history of the area, cook excellent food, and are fun, personable people to spend time with.

  • Ian Elman

    Simply put, I still love to guide! Spending over 25 years as a guide has been the best way to spend my life. I love the beautiful places we go, sure, but it’s the great people we share those with that make the lifestyle so rewarding. I have walked the entire John Muir Trail with you, climbed in the Peruvian Andes with you, scaled the Mexican Volcanoes with you, mountaineering in Argentina, rafting and kayaking Costa Rica, Fly fishing in Montana and Utah, and of course thousands of hiking days in our backyard of Yosemite and California’s High Sierra! I enjoy giving back to the community by offering trips and programs for charities and school groups. I enjoy the challenge of the logistics of having dozens of trips out in the backcountry (sometimes hundreds of people across the Sierra) all at the same time. I find great pleasure continuing to fulfill SYMG’s mission statement on a daily basis including providing fulfilling employment and lifestyle for all of the guides and aspiring guides in our organization. Someone recently asked me, “still doing that camping thing?” I smiled and proudly said “ Yep, still doing the camping thing…”

  • Graham Ottley

    My favorite trail is the one I haven't hiked. I enjoy finding new parts of Yosemite and the Sierra that aren't yet discovered. Thankfully, there are still thousands of acres left so I won't run out anytime soon! I have spent my time playing and working in the Sierra for over a third of my life. Along with SYMG, I have led trips for Summit Adventure, Nature Bridge, Yosemite Conservancy & Outward Bound California. When I'm not adventuring I enjoy board games, good coffee, and tending to my "honey-do" list. With my wife Sarah and sidekick Murphy (Australian Shepherd), we are ready for the most recent adventure which is our son Owen.

  • Colby Brokvist

    Colby began his career at SYMG as a backpacking and mountaineering guide and continues to lead select trips each season. He found his niche specializing as expedition leader for our longer backpacking departures such the John Muir Trail, Yosemite High Passes Loop, Yosemite Grand Traverse and Trans-Sierra Trail. After several years he assumed the role of senior backcountry guide where he aided in the development of new itineraries and course development, including SYMG's guide training course, a program which he continues to lead.

    The ability to strike a balance between the adventurous and relaxing aspects of mountain travel continues to earn Colby praise as both a trip leader and planner. He is equally at home on technical peak ascents as he is lazing in wildflower-strewn mountain meadows. In addition to his many mountaineering accreditations, Colby is a dedicated naturalist and finds his passion for guiding in providing interpretive and educational experiences for all of his clients. He holds a degree in Environmental Sciences and has been known to burst into explanations of alpine plant physiology in the middle of 14,000' peak ascents! Describing his love of the guiding lifestyle, Colby once wrote "It is both the serenity and excitement of the wilderness that compels me to it and I only hope to enjoy it with good friends."

  • Jenny Kane

    I find space to be myself in the outdoors, and this place is my inspiration. As a child, my dad used to pack up the family for a week and head to Yosemite every summer. We drove our minivan from Los Angeles into the lower pines campground and parked. This was the great outdoors to me. Later, after high school I started working in the Park during my summer breaks - first with the concession service, then with the National Park Service. I interned with the wilderness department for two summers (once as an SCA volunteer) and during that time hiked about half of Yosemite's backcountry trails, about 400 miles. It was during this time that I discovered a deeper appreciation and love for wild lands and found my artistic inspiration.

    I am a teacher by training and have worked as a guide for the Boojum Institute and Naturlalists At Large. But, I'm a learner at heart, thus my interests and talents are diverse. I love languages, culture, art and poetry as much as the mountains and can find inspiration in all of them, especially in combination. During my time in Peace Corps Thailand, I was given an opportunity to teach yoga for the first time, and this winter during the guiding slow season I will start teaching in California as a certified instructor. I enjoy the stillness in the mountains and look forward to sharing my love for Yosemite and the world with each of you this summer.

  • Alex Kendrall

    Alex grew up in Concord, New Hampshire and it was there in the mountains of New England where his spirit of adventure was sparked. A NOLS course at the age of 15 was the turning point that set him on the path of outdoor education, as well as for developing his skills in rock climbing and backpacking. Alex’s passion for shared wilderness experiences has culminated in a degree in Outdoor Education and certifications from the American Mountain Guiding Association (AMGA). Moving to California was the culmination of a dream come true, where he is able to combine his passion for climbing with a career in guiding. He remains one of our most requested rock guides in addition to leading our longer backpacking departures.

  • Pete Devine

    Pete grew up playing outdoors in New England and he connected with the West on family camping trips. He finished his biology degree in Colorado and went to work as an interpretive naturalist, national park ranger, river guide on the Colorado River, a teacher on Cape Cod, an outdoor educator in the mountains of Chile and an archeologist in New Zealand. He has biked around Iceland, backpacked the Alps, birded Costa Rica, and led trips to China’s national parks. Pete has been working in Yosemite for 25 years, where he has directed the education programs for the nonprofits Yosemite Institute (now NatureBridge) and Yosemite Conservancy. He has hiked, skied and cycled throughout the park in every season. He’s become a celebrated expert on Yosemite’s history and natural history, with specialties in studying the park’s glaciers, John Muir and Steller’s Jays.

    One of Pete’s favorite things about Yosemite is the people who are called to come experience this natural wonder for themselves. He enjoys sharing the awe to be discovered whether by first-time or veteran visitors.

  • Katie Burns

    Like every good Southern Californian, I grew up beach camping and cherish many memories with family and friends from those trips. As a college freshman I was introduced to the Sierra on a winter backpacking trip. Even though it was incredibly cold to this So Cal girl, it is fair to say that I fell in love with the mountains on that trip. I have been enchanted by the Sierra ever since. I find it hard to say no to outdoor adventures; running, hiking, backpacking, skiing and climbing, I love it all! When I'm not guiding for SYMG I work for a university based here in the Southern Yosemite area; where I use the outdoors to teach leadership. For the last 7 years, I have been so fortunate to get to guide year around.

    A few years ago, I was packing up for a trip while at my parent's house. My mom walked in, gave me a slightly confused look and asked; "Why do you love it so much?" My answer was simple; I get to meet and keep company with some really amazing people and I get to share with them some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Sharing beautiful places, with friends (new or old) is why I find myself increasingly more excited to guide with each passing year.

  • Wilson Koontz

    It's hard to say when I first fell in love with the outdoors. It's certainly been as long as I can remember. Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway were my playgrounds. Shortly after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I spent what was intended to be only a summer in the Sierras. But, by the end of the trip I knew I had found a new home. Within two weeks of returning east, I had packed my car and started the coast-to-coast drive. I am now fortunate enough to spend my winters as a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe and my summer guiding in this spectacular mountain range.

  • Brendan Hayes

    There are so many reasons why working as a guide is the obvious choice for me. I love to travel, experience wild places, meet interesting people, and stay physically active. Guiding enables me to keep doing all of that but mostly it just validates the sense I have of myself as a liaison between people and the world outside. When people travel we take time to reflect upon the world and our place in it, which although more important than ever we seldom do anymore. So I believe that encouraging and enabling people to simply be in the world is a worthy contribution and, having spent my entire adult life so far pursuing adventure, it must be what I'm most qualified to do.

  • Fred Ackerman

    It's been a strange road to this job for me. A Bay Area native, I studied linguistics at UCSD and worked for years as a paralegal in San Diego. On my first backpacking trip in college, I walked 20+ miles in inappropriate footwear and spent a few cold nights in front of the fire without a sleeping bag, and I absolutely loved it. Soon, I was spending most of my free time and some not so free time plotting and executing adventures to the endless wild places of California. Instead of law school, I took a sabbatical from the office to go live on a fishing boat in Alaska. I had a total blast working outdoors, 12 to 17 hours a day?or more often, night?during one of the harshest winters in Alaskan history. My reasons for pursuing a law degree were lost at sea. I finally quit the legal business, and I'm now an EMT with a certification in wilderness medicine. To date, I've walked and climbed thousands of miles in, on and around the Sierra including a solo 200+ mile hike of the Sierra High Route. In the winter, I work (using the term loosely) as a ski patroller. I'm not a morning person and don't tell my bosses, but getting up at 5 a.m. to throw explosives and ski fresh powder is something I'd without a doubt do for free. The rewards of working as a guide at SYMG are likewise numerous. To name just a few, you meet people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world and can often play a part in bringing those people to the realization that they are capable of great things in the outdoors. Your office is the big outside, and reading up on geology or mountaineering techniques or culinary arts is no longer procrastination; it's study time. Last and perhaps least, the water from glacial tarns does absolute wonders for beard growth. In short, I've found my dream job.

  • Scott Morris

    Scott Morris grew up in the suburbs of New York City and discovered the outdoors through the Boy Scouts. His first job was leading five day canoe expeditions in the Northern Adirondacks, which eventually led him to pursue studies in Adventure Education and American History at Green Mountain College in Central Vermont. After university, Scott worked in the Curriculum Publications Department of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and later as a trip leader for student programs in Australia. He's now found a home here in the Yosemite region with SYMG where his dry wit and easy-going nature fit right in with our style of guiding. When he isn’t guiding folks through the Sierra, you’ll probably find him trail running or reading a book next to an alpine lake.

  • haley woods

    Haley Woods

    Raised in Northern California, I grew up in the mountains and have developed an ever-increasing love for the Sierra. My outdoor journey began with simple family camping trips, then grew to a deep passion for the outdoors when I spent a semester of college here in the Yosemite area. As a student, I studied Psychology and enjoyed the science behind relationships and why people are the way they are, which also led me to the belief that spending time in the wilderness is hugely transformative and healthy for the soul in a way that is unlike anything else. As a result, I got involved in the outdoor adventures program on campus, enjoyed every minute of it, and have been instructing and guiding ever since. I now in the Bass Lake and Oakhurst area, working for a university program during the winters and guiding for SYMG in the summer, all based near Southern Yosemite where I first found inspiration as a student. I’ve loved living near Yosemite and have enjoyed the hiking, climbing, running, etc. that this area provides in my free time. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey of adventures here that I love sharing with whomever I can!

  • Sierra Zacks SYMG Guide

    Sierra Zacks

    Sierra Zacks was born and raised on the entrance road to Joshua Tree National Park and spent her early years hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding in the park, as well as here in the high Sierra. Her family has deep connections to these mountains and in high school she was fortunate to participate in a thirty-day expedition through Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks. It was then that knew she had found her favorite place. She has since graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Ecology and Plant Biology. It was there she worked as a guide for UC Santa Cruz’s Adventure Outings Department where she led climbing, backpacking, and river trips. She now spends her summers in the High Sierra with SYMG. In her free time you’ll find her rock climbing, botanizing, or gazing at High Sierra birds.

  • Sierra Zacks SYMG Guide

    Riley Sump

    I began my life in the outdoors on camping trips in the Northwest with family the scout troop, around Mt Hood, Bend, and the Oregon coast. I went to a university in southern California for philosophy and economics, spending formative summers guiding on the coast of south-central Alaska in the Kenai Fjords National Park. My experience there, with deep, committing wilderness and incredible beauty, taught me the real value of spending time in the outdoors and sharing that with those around me. I dug into life in the mountains, exploring the ways to climb, ski, hike, and paddle the wilderness, deepening my experience as a guide as I went. I love the chance to share this Yosemite area. The best trips, in my opinion, are evenly balanced experiences that dig into both the stillness and beauty of the wilderness and the rewards of personal challenge. The Sierra Nevada makes an incredible backdrop for such experiences!

  • Heather Ekstrom

    Why would I spend my days any differently? I wake up under the pines and roll over in my sleeping bag to start the french press and practice yoga in between packing up my belongings before the water boils. Hot coffee in the crisp morning. So much promise in a day in the Sierras! I started leading trips while I was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 9 years ago and only left the industry for 6 months since then and returned as quickly as I had left. I am fortunate to be a steward to our forests year round. I cannot imagine a more rewarding profession and lifestyle. During the school year I instruct trips for high school and college students throughout California, Alaska, Wyoming and North Carolina and as soon as summer arrives I try to get to SYMG as soon as possible. It's not a summer without Yosemite. I love cooking on old camp stoves, identifying wildflowers, running from sunrise to sunset and empowering all people through the healing powers of nature.

  • Chris Winder

    I grew up in Suburban Southern California; always looking forward to our summer fishing trips to the Eastern Sierra. It was on those trips that I found my passion for mountains. I’ve worked and explored all over the west as a backcountry trail/conservation crew leader, as well as a small-scale farmer and horticulturist. I have an associate’s degree in Outdoor Education from Colorado Mountain College as well as a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Southern Oregon University. Those two degrees came eight years apart and in that time I found myself always planning my next extended trip into the mountains. After a trip to Nepal In 2016, I decided to re-focus my life on guiding and spending as much of my time as possible in the mountains sharing my passion with anyone in my proximity. I couldn’t be more stoked to share this “Range of light” with all of you.

  • Dahlia Blau

    Dahlia Blau grew up along the California coast but now resides where she can be close to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Some of her favorite activities growing up involved swimming, kayaking, river rafting, and desert camping. Now, her soul resides in the mountains where she can trek, climb, hike, ski, trail run, and swim in the alpine lakes. When Dahlia isn’t in the mountains she can be found exploring the canyons of Utah. Dahlia graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2015 with a degree in Environmental/Biology. It was at UC Santa Cruz that she discovered her passion for opting outdoors and being a naturalist. By observing nature and doing some of her favorite activities such as birding and botanizing, she can share the importance of our natural resources with others. One of her greatest accomplishments so far has been completing the Khumbu Three Pass trek in Nepal during the summer of 2015. Along the trek she had the opportunity to visit Everest Base Camp and to sit at 18,500ft looking up at the top of Everest Mountain itself. Her philosophy: Feed your soul through curiosity.

  • Casey Andrews

    My love for nature began when I grew up as a surfer on the beaches of southern California. I loved observing the constant change of the ocean and becoming a part of that landscape. When the time for college came, I moved to Monterey to study environmental science. There I realized that my passion for the ocean carried over to wild places of all kinds. I started guiding kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing along the central California coast, and grew an obsession for exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After college, I worked as a wildlife biologist in the Sierra National Forrest studying an animal called the Fisher. Since then, I have returned to these mountains every season to work, guide tours, climb, and enjoy the healthy lifestyle they provide. In the off seasons I have taught outdoor education in the Moab area, guided backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon, and travelled internationally in the constant search for new mountains and waves. However far I go, when summer in North America comes around, there is no other place I’d rather be than the Sierra Nevada. The opportunities these mountains provide have kept me focused, motivated, and happy through out the years. They give me something to look forward to every day, and I can’t wait to share this experience with you!

  • Gretchen Heim

    Growing up in New Jersey, my passions as a teen were in sports. I never went backpacking until my freshman year of college. My first trip was a three-week backpacking trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. I fell in love with this new and exciting way to experience the outdoors. I loved it so much that I got a degree in Adventure Education. I’ve been using my degree in various ways since I have graduated. I have worked as a naturalist for an outdoor school, a guide for a zip line company, a teambuilding facilitator for a conference center, and a backpacking instructor. Through working these outdoor jobs I have seen the power of the outdoors and how it can transform people’s lives. I know the outdoors has transformed mine. I am excited to be working in the Sierras again for the sixth summer. My favorite activity on trips is swimming in alpine lakes. I love the water. I am usually the first one to jump right in. My motto has become, “you never regret going in the water.” It’s a great way to feel awake and alive! I also like to surf, run, make smoothies, and cook meals with friends.

  • Brienne O'Donnell

    Brienne was born and raised in Michigan. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, the water and outdoors always played a central role in her life. In her freshman year of college, she went on a formative month-long backpacking trip in the North Cascades and realized that an indoor job wouldn't provide her with a certain level of contentment. Her path to the Sierra Nevada and SYMG has been a bit spontaneous, following multiple lengthy adventures in New Zealand, some time working in outdoor retail, and a stressful bike touring trip turned car-bumming adventure across Florida's panhandle and some of the South. However, this place and these people have left an indelible mark on Brienne's life. Brienne enjoys taking people out to experience the Sierras in all their natural beauty, from cherishing the smallest, subtle alpine flower to the more grandiose granite landscapes. Brienne has found that the most realistic way to protect wild places is to get folks to experience the outdoors, authentically. She continues to share this passion with guests on trips, helping people understand our role and immediate connection to the natural world.

  • Joe Coleman

    Joe Coleman: Whether it be backpacking, climbing, biking or botanizing; I cherish being able to fully immerse myself in captivating landscapes. I have realized a passion for public outreach and educating on behalf of the wild and unique places in which I enjoy. I believe amassing public support is a crucial part in conserving our natural resources and have found sharing of knowledge to be a powerful way to contribute. It is the positive influence which comes from outdoor experiences that has led me to pursue my work as a Guide. During my life it has been a priority of mine to dedicate time for travel. During this time, I have been fortunate to make it to Costa Rica, Spain, Nepal, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. During my time traveling I have learned to operate in logistically challenging circumstances. These trips have also shown me the importance of maintaining an open mind and positive attitude to maximize one’s experience.

  • Andrea Canapary

    Andrea Canapary has found ways to combine her love of the outdoors and education for most of her life. Introducing people of all ages to new ways of looking at nature in order to notice more details of the world around them is a passion. She spent ten summers working at a camp based around connecting young people to nature and wilderness in the Adirondack Mountains of New York - the first years as Wilderness Trip Program Director and Trip Leader and then as a Director of the Junior Camp. She has instructed at Environmental Education Centers in California and Oregon and for 18 years has been teaching classes touching on both the natural and human history of Yosemite to California Conservation Corps Trail Crews. Her introduction to Yosemite happened 20 years ago when she was assigned to lead a CCC Backcountry Trail Crew for five months, most of which was spent in the Yosemite high country near Vogelsang (above Tuolumne Meadows). After two seasons living and working in the backcountry, she settled just outside of the park to raise her family. They have since enjoyed countless adventures in Yosemite’s front and backcountry. She is excited to guide you on a trip that will leave you with some equally incredible memories!

  • Sara Edwards

    A native of our nation’s capital, I have always felt I was born on the wrong side of the country. With a constant thirst for mountains and wild spaces, I worked as an adventure trip leader at the University of Maryland while studying Environmental Science. The day after graduation I traveled across country to Glacier National Park, where I became a whitewater, backpacking, and hiking guide for the next six years. From Glacier, I lived, worked, and played in the rainforests of Olympic National Park for two years before craving California sunshine. Although my guiding background has taken me to many beautiful places, Yosemite’s dramatic granitic monoliths have captured this woman's wanderlust soul. When not guiding clients through the fascinating natural and cultural history of Yosemite, I am teaching students environmental education in the park.

  • Sam Jury

    Sam Jury was born and raised in Tyrone, Georgia and fell in love with the outdoors at an early age through Boy Scouts. Sam knew that he would not do well in an office job so he pursued a degree in Sustainable Community Development and Outdoor Leadership Education at Toccoa Falls College. It was in college that Sam was bit by the climbing bug and soon abandoned other hobbies to pursue his passion for climbing. During his college years, Sam interned with various companies working in New Zealand, Kazakhstan, and southern Africa. After graduation, Sam pursued his dream of a climbing road trip across North America where he spent a year climbing in 28 different states. In March of 2018, Sam married Kaelyn in Bryce Canyon NP who also shares a deep love for the outdoors. Prior to working with SYMG, Sam was the lead climbing instructor for a wilderness therapy program in South Carolina but it was not long before the Sierras lured Sam back to the West Coast.

  • Daniel Hiebert

    Daniel Hiebert: The Sierras have always been a part of my life. Family vacations were weekend getaways from my hometown in the Central Valley of California, into the wonderland that is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I started college by going on a seven day backpacking trip with the school in those very same mountains, and after that trip, my path toward being outside as much as possible was set. I studied "abroad" at a satellite campus in the Sierras and then got deeply involved in the outdoor program in my later years at the school. I also dove into rock climbing while in college, and have since become certified through the American Mountain Guide Association as a Single Pitch Instructor. Although I got a degree in Accounting, my passion has always been sharing the mountains with friends and strangers alike. Straight out of school I got a job showing people how the enjoy the mountains, and after a brief hiatus working at a climbing gym in Bend, Oregon, I am back! I love being able to work in the Sierras, and I look forward to spending my time climbing and hiking in this magical place once again!

  • Benton Mitchell

    Benton Mitchell: Benton’s love for outdoor pursuits began in high school. He grew up in Waynesboro, Pa, which is located right in the midway point of the Appalachian Trail. He became facinated with long trail backpacking and decided to thru hike the AT in 2012. That jump started his outdoor career. It led to his graduating with a degree in Adventure Education and hiking the PCT in 2016. After all that walking he decided it was time to start climbing. He then moved to Zion National Park and worked for 2 years guiding canyons and climbing with Zion Adventure Company. Gaining experience climbing those large sandstone walls and navigating crews in a guiding position. Eventually the progression led to Yosemite, which is where he spends his time climbing the walls and rock guiding.

  • Connor Bass

    Growing up in urban Minneapolis, MN my love for the outdoors wasn’t on my radar for some time. It wasn’t until halfway through high school when an opportunity came to go backpacking near Whitefish, MT that I discovered how great being outside could be. My love for the outdoors grew even more when I moved to SoCal for college at San Diego State to study Environmental Science. It was there that I discovered rock climbing and the endless opportunities that the mountains could give me. I started working for the Outdoor Education program which enabled me to share the outdoors with my peers through guiding various activities on weekends to nearby state and national parks. After working for outdoor education for some time, I decided to gain more knowledge from a NOLS mountaineering course that took place in Washington state. Two days after my college graduation, I moved to Alaska to guide on a glacier, but California was calling me back. As my first summer in the Sierra, I’m excited to explore with you!

  • Kevin Sulka

    Born in California but raised in Indiana Kevin had an overwhelming passion for the outdoors at an early age. When he was young his parents introduced him to Boy Scouts and from there his love for being in the outdoors took off. Growing up you could find him either climbing at the Red River Gorge every weekend or hiking throughout the Midwest. After Highschool Kevin went to school to get his EMT and Firefighter 1 & 2, but after working as a volunteer firefighter for a few years he decided he needed a change of scenery and wanted to do something with outdoor education. As a graduate from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Kevin found what he truly wanted to do and that was to share his passion for the outdoors with other people.

    Kevin’s currently working on his SPI certification through the AMGA and has also done trips in the Canyonlands of Utah and the Wind River Range of Wyoming. When he’s not out guiding you can find him climbing in his two favorite places, Joshua Tree or Yosemite Valley.

  • Kris Butler

    I originally hail from the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley area of the Eastern Sierra. Some of my earliest memories are of shimmering aspens, distant wild horses of the high desert, and of the granite and volcanic peaks that tower over that region. I’ve been scouting and backpacking the sierra since my early youth and started skiing at the early age of 4. As an avid cross country backpacker and fisherman, I’ve logged many miles to explore some of the most remote and untouched Sierra lakes, rivers, and pristine valleys that I can find. I hold a degree in Economics and Language Studies, and when not in the Sierra I can usually be found surfing, diving, or fishing the coastlines near my home in Santa Cruz, CA.

    For me, the Sierra has been an incredible gift. I want nothing more than to provide the same amazing Sierra experience that’s continually gifted to me to this very day. From the plants and flowers to the animals and rocks, I genuinely look forward to sharing all I can about this incredible mountain range.

  • Greg Aiello

    "Greg Aiello is one fantastic guide" said one our clients this summer and that about says it all! Greg is a Yosemite area native and local and the love for his backyard, the Sierra, shows in every moment spent with him in the mountains. Greg works as an adventure videographer in the industry between guiding and is often on location all over the world. If you think Greg looks familiar, that's because you may have seen him on TV as the star host for the ABC's National LiveWell Network Adventure show "Motion".

  • Andrew Skurka

    Andrew Skurka, a graduate of Duke University is an accomplished 28-year-old professional backpacker who is most well known for his two monumental long-distance hiking firsts -- the 6,875-mile Great Western Loop and the 7,778-mile Sea-to-Sea Route. He was named the 2007 "Adventurer of the Year" by National Geographic Adventure (which described him as "a Gen Y version of Henry David Thoreau or John Muir") and the 2005 "Person of the Year" by Backpacker. In November 2007 Skurka completed the Great Western Loop, a superb 6,875-mile journey that links together 5 long-distance hiking trails, 12 National Parks, and over 75 wilderness areas, which he blazed in 208 days. And in July 2005 he completed the Sea-to-Sea Route, a transcontinental network of long-distance hiking trails from Quebec to Washington, which took him 11 months and which involved 1,400 miles of snowshoeing. Skurka's shorter hikes include the 1,700-mile California section of the Pacific Crest Trail (in 44 days), the 480-mile Colorado Trail (twice), the 2,170-mile Appalachian Trail (in 95 days), a 385-mile trek through northern Minnesota in January, and many week- and weekend-long trips in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.

    In addition to the distinctions from Adventure and Backpacker, Skurka was featured in Outside's 2007 "Outside 100" list and in Men's Journal's "2005 Adventure Hall of Fame." He has appeared in numerous newspapers and television broadcasts, including The Wall Street Journal and the Fox News Channel. Andrew will be designing and leading some special long distance trips for SYMG in 2010.

  • Jason Angress

    Some of my earliest memories are of camping in Yosemite and its surroundings. In fact, my first word was ‘‘Elmer’’; a result of having heard the name countless times in the California camping tradition of calling through the forest at sundown in search of a missing boy. As a kid, I cherished the opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe in the mountain air of the Sierra Nevada. As an adult, the call of the wild has steered my decisions and has led me to expand my radius in search of new frontiers.

    In 2006 I moved to the South Pacific nation of Tonga where I lived for 5 years running adventure and cultural tours. When a Google search turned up stunning images of Chile’s Cochamó Valley, the Yosemite of South America, I felt the travel itch once again and set off to explore Patagonia. I have been installed in the Chilean town of Puerto Varas since 2011 leading hiking and mountain bike trips through one of the last unspoiled stretches of temperate rainforest on earth. I am devoted to creating unique and memorable experiences in this wilderness playground for nature lovers of all kinds. The emphasis for me is not just on arriving from point A to point B, but on really appreciating the in-between. I simply love what I do and have been told that my passion shines through in my guiding.