Professional Expedition Leader Colby Brokvist loves exploring, and more importantly, some of the “strongest personal connections he has were made in the outdoors.” This film follows Colby as he helps connect people to amazing wildernesses, as well as to each other. A spirit of fun, spontaneity, and adventure dominates both the trips Colby leads, as well as the relationships he inspires. “The Guide” is a story of togetherness, care, and reverence, set in some of the world’s most beautiful natural places.

Thinking you might enjoy this excellent 10 min film on Colby Brokvist. Colby and I worked together at SYMG for 11 years and his guide work and career just keep on growing.

Congrats Colby from all of us at SYMG. You deserve all the accolades you’ve been receiving lately!

– Ian Elman CEO at SYMG