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About Student Programs

With a guiding staff equally experienced in working with both adults and student groups, Southern Yosemite Mountain Guides offers unparalleled programming options for schools, travel camps, families, and outdoor programs both in Yosemite National Park and in the Sierra National Forest. Our guides have the experience and the understanding to instruct students on technical skills, natural history, ecology, land sciences, interpersonal communication, and group dynamics. Our highly customizable itineraries and progressive menu planning allow SYMG to meet any school's needs, whether it is a 5-day backpack or a 3-day basecamp with hiking and rock-climbing.

Highly respected schools like Cate School; Marin Country Day School; San Francisco Friends School; Nueva School; Head Royce of Oakland, California; The Branson School of Ross, California; Marin Academy; Ojai Valley School; Squaw Valley Academy, The Sage School and the Overlake School of Redmond, Washington have chosen SYMG for good reason. Peggy Proctor of The Branson School sums it up:

"Many thanks...for everything you have given all of us. You have opened your heart, your home, and your extensive skills to us and we have all benefited greatly. Thanks for your 100% dedication to the growth & happiness of our students."- Peggy Proctor, Branson School

The educational value of the MCDS trip to Ansel Adams with SYMG cannot be underestimated. Led by SYMG's expert staff, our 8th grade students enjoy a four day immersive experience being a part of nature, of learning how to live in the outdoors, accomplishing hikes and camp activities together, and learning from SYMG's guides about how to navigate trails and weather conditions and learn in the beauty of the wilderness. Studetns return from this trip with a deeper appreciation of the natural worlld, including an increased awareness of their role as stewards of the land.This is an essential learning time for our students. - Ted Salveit ~ Marin County Day School

We also work with the some of the finest student adventure programs in the country, including Wanderers, Adventures Cross Country, the Boy Scouts of America, YMCA groups, Wilderness Ventures, Moondance Adventures, The World Outdoors, and Bold Earth.